5 Tips for Nurturing Your Creative Work

I've been having a lot of fun creating and sharing the curriculum for my new Artful Blogging e-Course. I have a small circle of new bloggers taking the course now, and at the end of our eight week journey, I'll be releasing the course again... so stay tuned! 

One of the very first things we did was examine the importance of self-care for creative work. I focused specifically on blogging, but of course, self-nourishment is essential for any kind of creative endeavor! In the course, I examine in depth five ways nurture your creative work and provide yourself with a nourishing environment, inner and outer, where your creative self-expression can flourish. Here's just a tid-bit from that, in the form of 5 Tips for Nurturing Creativity :
  • manage your time; honour your commitment to yourself & your creativity.
  • bring your best self to your work; be awake, nourished, beautified, relaxed, and undistracted.
  • set an intention for your time; draw a card, make a prayer, write or state a goal.
  • be mindful and fully present mentally, physically, and emotionally; take time to get grounded.
  • create sacred space for your creativity; clear clutter, light candles, bring in flowers and beautiful, meaningful objects.
Here is my Monday morning workspace, showing all 5 tips:


shinyyoga said...

wow - bronwyn, was googling something from goddess leonie and found yr site - this post is amazing, your site is glorious! Thanks for the insight and inspiration xo

stella x

Bronwyn said...

Hi Stella, I'm so glad you stopped by!
Thank you, I had so much fun putting together this post. We can't have ENOUGH gentle reminders to stay present, right?



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