what would love do?

I heard this question in a podcast this morning. What a great reminder to come from a place of love whenever possible. Lately I have been exploring the idea of "being kind to myself"... such a trite thing, we have heard it a thousand and eight times, yet most of us don't attempt it as a daily practice. Do you? What would it really mean for you to begin to treat yourself with kindness, compassion, and forgiveness? What would change about your inner and outer worlds?


Em said...

So funny. I was just thinking about that quote. (I think it's from Conversations with God.)That's been on my mind this morning.

It's a harder question than it seems.

(Okay, and in the There Are No Accidents portion of our commentary, my WV is 'fully'. LOL)

Bronwyn said...

It is soo much harder than it seems!

I heard the quote referenced in an interview with the founders of Gratitude Cafe, talking about sacred commerce. The conversation was about our need to be "right" and how consciously coming from a place of love can allow us to drop that need. great stuff. My internal dialogue can sometimes be a lot about "being right" and its corellary "being wrong;" - funny how awkward and difficult it can be to practice loving communication with oneself.

btw, the podcast was on tranquility du jour if you want to check it out.

Anonymous said...

This is something I must constantly bring myself back to. If I don't keep myself in the present moment, I will stray from my positivity, an compassion.

What would love do.

I like that.

Love the photo also! :] Thank you for the reminder!

Bronwyn said...

yes, yes! it's a good mindfulness touchstone.

always bringing it back to the present moment - that's it. that's the key.


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