sunday morning = goddess time: make time for reflection

 Sunday Morning = Goddess Time! 

Here's what it's all about: I've been engaging in this practice for a while now, but listening to this podcast gave me a name for it... goddess time. Yes! This is a practice for busy women with lots of responsibilities and demands on their time and person. (That's pretty much all of us, right?) Here's how it works for me. On Sunday morning, my time is my own. No one else (including my internal taskmaster) can tell me what do, or even make requests. No phone. No e-mail. It could be a walk, or yoga, or blogging, or a wander in the garden, but usually it's bed, tea, scented candle, journal, pens, huge stack of books and magazines, plus the little dog who thoroughly approves of mornings in bed. I've worked to make my bedroom feel like a little sanctuary, so I relish this *free* time I get to spend there. It makes the whole week easier. Where can you fit some goddess time into your life?

p.s. My Seven Weeks to an Artful Life e-course is beginning in a few short weeks. Self-care, and creating time for self and creativity, will be a big part of our learning in the course! I'd love it if you'd consider joining us.


3pieceonline said...

Every morning for the first hour when I wake up in the morning. Thanks so much for this post.


Bronwyn said...

Yes! Goddess Time every morning!
that's great. I strive for that myself but love *sleep* too much... (which is goddess time too I guess...


Madame One Tree said...

Would that I could.


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