Embracing Seasonal Change

Late summer flowers in a stoneware jug, against my citrus colored plaster kitchen wall

I wanted to share this lovely image with you - the flowers, the colors, the quality of light - for me it captures the essence of late summer - the bittersweet - the letting go of the last blossoms and embracing the new season, smell of woodsmoke, crisp air.  Last night I had my usual twilight swim in the ocean and for the first time the water was COLD. Whew! It was beautiful, and I felt the new season approaching. As I floated in a beam of fading sunlight, a little group of Canada Geese landed near me in the water, ready to head south.

How are you embracing the change of seasons?


Anonymous said...

Hi Bronwyn,

I just adore your blog! The changing energy of the seasons is really intense right now. Embracing it widely! :)

Thanks for this post.
Beautiful picture!

Bronwyn said...

Thanks Sarah!
It is intense, isn't it?
I hear the astrological weather is actually contributing to this feeling of change & shifting structures in our lives right now - yes, we must open our hearts and embrace the changes!


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