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We have to learn the art of creating happiness. The problem is not one of being right or wrong, but being more or less skillful. Living together is an art. -Thich Nhat Hanh

Ask yourself, would I rather be right, or happy? -Dr. Phil

It seems sometimes that the relationship itself becomes a third entity, there between you; The Marriage. It can be a boundary between you or an element that unites you.  Long relationships flow along and change, they have their tidal upheavals, their ebbings and fullnesses. The cycle is quite beautiful; it tempers one. It can feel hard in the day to day. My sweetie and I have a shared belief that carries us through the rough patches - it is the belief that the purpose of marriage is a spiritual one; the purpose of marriage is to learn unconditional love. 

Journal Prompt
 What am I learning right now from my most intimate relationship?


SOiNTOiT said...

It's fun to watch my husband develop new interests and set goals. We're side by side creating and exploring different niches in life. Who knows where we'll end up next....more and more relaxed and content as time goes on

Bronwyn said...


It really is such a journey, and a privilege to get to see the growth and change that happens to our partner over the years - there is a depth and breadth of intimacy that only this investment over time can bring. I'm happy for you & your husband!


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