craving beautiful things

The world is so full of beautiful things we can imagine possessing. In general I try to work with my cravings by remembering, and consciously living in, the abundant beauty that is all around us, all the time, ours without possessing; nature, and affection, and the sensations of being alive... it's so important to remember that we already have everything we need.

But then there's all the other stuff; beautiful art, sleek contraptions, delicious exotic food... all that cool, wonderful stuff that I don't actually need!!! I'm always coming across things, so I thought I'd keep track of a few and share them with you on Thursdays. Here are my picks for the week:
An iPod skin with a Pegasus? Seriously, I love this. When I was little, my imaginary friend was a tiny flying horse who could fit in the palm of my hand. So you see why I have to have this?
I love books, I love surface design, I love art history. I've had my eye on this boxed set of patterns from the Victoria and Albert Museum for a while now.

Black Bamboo. SO beautiful! I want to plant a screen of this along the edge of my gravel patio. I can imagine sitting outside with my morning coffee, watching the graceful shadows play on the gravel and paving.

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