Sneak Preview

This is a sneak preview - ONLY here on my blog - of my new line of jewelry... the result of my recent button obsession. I've combined cast porcelain backings of my own making with actual Victorian buttons. By the end of the month I'll be launching a new Etsy shop to showcase these beauties and I'm really excited. I'd really appreciate your feedback on these new creations. What do you think of them? Which one do you like best? Would you buy one? What would you expect to pay for a piece like this? What other kind of imagery would you like to see on the buttons (bugs, birds, mythological scenes?)


Madame One Tree said...

Bronwyn, these are stunning. I am very attracted to the blue one and find the bottom left intricate flower detail very suiting for its background. The bottom right one seems a tiny bit unsettled to me for some reason, but I don't know why.
Mythological scenes from the Art
Nouveau period or Art Deco type, Like the stag and the hart would be cool.

3pieceonline said...

I love the bottom one on the right I guess it sort of looks like a bee to me. I love mythological scenes but also nautical would be cool too.



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