a minor obsession with vintage buttons

image from jane's apron

It developed quickly, and kind of out of the blue. I was brainstorming new jewelry ideas. I asked my daughter, a font of knowledge on all things hip and fashionable, what motifs might be good. "Anchors. Vintage anchors." Okay. Some googling revealed that a great source of vintage anchor imagery is vintage buttons. And of course, one thing led to another.

Three days later...

Me, at computer: Sweetie, come here, do you think I should buy these buttons? (large lot of vintage buttons on e-bay)

Her: Mom. What are you doing?

Me: Seriously, should I buy these ones?

Her: Mom! No!

Me: But... look! I don't have one like this yet...

Her: Mom! How many buttons have you bought?

Me: ....ummm....

Her: MOM!!!

(But it turns out, as you can see below, that I am not the only one that sees the beauty in this lowly object.)


Madame One Tree said...

I recognize sooo many of these buttons... have a few myself! I have my grandmas tin of buttons and mamas little collection in mason jars and boxes and satchels and pockets and and..... They really knew how to make buttons as works of art back then. I think I even have a Bakelite one in red. Love your buttons!

Paula S In New Mexico said...

OMG, and I thought I was the only one! A friend recently gave me shoe boxes full of vintage buttons. They are my most prized possession.


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