one woman's trash...

I found two large zip lock bags of these at the thrift store. There is a UK bag and a Canada bag. They start in the late 50's and go through the late 90's. For forty years, this person clipped or tore and saved the stamps from, apparently, all of her personal correspondence. (I'm assuming it was a "her.." I just picture a woman doing this...) Then at some ending point (death or entry into a home?) someone bagged them up and added them to the donations pile, instead of just throwing them out. Then the person who received the donations at the thrift store deemed them worthy of labeling, pricing, and shelving ($1.75 per bag) instead of just throwing them out. Then I bought them. Then they sat in my studio for two years in a box marked "stamps" which I kept opening excitedly thinking it was a lost stash of rubber stamps, then feeling annoyed, then promptly forgetting them again. The other day I actually pulled them out and opened the bags. Some of them are really beautiful.
They look nice layed out on this vintage book about growing roses.

The patterns on the insides of the security envelopes are graphically interesting and look good all together. Watch for this stuff to start showing up in my art.

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