Fun Things to do in Los Angeles

I used to live in Los Angeles, in another lifetime (the early 1990's). My daughter was born there, and she has made her way back there, to study fashion. She loves it. Now I get to consider the prospect of going back there, frequently, as a visitor/tourist. So I am collecting ideas for fun things to do. Please chime in if you have an idea for me! So far, these are some things I want to do:
  • stay at the Hotel Figueroa (even if it is downtown). It was this post that convinced me.
  • take this workshop at happy
  • go to the Tarot exhibit at the Folk Art Museum
  • eat at Dar Mahgreb on bellydancing night. This place has been there for decades - and it is where I saw my very first bellydancer.
  • visit my old haunts: bookstores in Silverlake, Zuma Beach, the Buddhist Art rooms of the LA County Museum. And then there is a whole list of places I would need a time machine to re-visit ...

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