10 Reasons Why I Love Living on the Island

  • going to sleep to frog song and waking up to bird song
  • buying fresh organic free range eggs from our neighbor for $2 a dozen
  • having friends of all ages from 4 to 90
  • not locking my door, ever
  • the ocean - being surrounded by it
  • it's like an intentional community of misfits
  • harvesting oysters, clams, berries, nettles, and other beautiful wild food
  • yes you can eat nettles, you just steam them first
  • tall, tall trees
  • dogs are allowed to come to dances
  • I know everyone's story and they know mine

Artful Reminder:
art, dance, yoga, lifestyle retreats for women on Beautiful Gulf Island Denman

Soulful, artful island RETREATS for women - make art, journal, dance, do yoga, practice deep self care, learn to celebrate the sacred in daily life - all with a group of like minded women in our forest retreat at the heart of our Gulf Island... YUM!!!!!! Read more here.

1 comment:

ShabbyChicShaz said...

Your island life sounds totally idealic, how wonderful


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