Artful Life Retreats for Women: Art, Yoga, Dance, & Creativity

 For now, I just want to give you a vision to daydream on:

You've taken the leap, and given yourself the gift of some time away JUST FOR YOU. A real retreat. A few days to rest and nurture your body and soul.

Your so happy to venture off by yourself. OR you're so excited to be sharing this time with your bestie/mom/daughter/ small women's circle.

The small plane flies low preparing for landing. The green ocean, the sensual forms of the islands rising from it, the densely forested hills, the glaciers, the rolling mist, the high mountain peaks on the horizon - it's magical, it takes your breath away. You feel this place has a special energy of benevolence and peace. You're already glad you're here.

The airport is small and full of light and art. You're relieved that your hostess is there to meet you and she's not intimidating at all - she's warm and friendly and familiar and really excited to see you; you  "click" right away.

After a drive along gorgeous coastline there's the novelty of a short ferry ride. You stand on the deck and breathe in the incredibly clean, gentle marine air. You feel the tension of travel and expectation and the aches of daily life start to slip away as the wake flows out behind you. You think about the symbolism of visiting a magic island - you are leaving your everyday world behind truly for a few days. You do start to feel a bit magical. Your worries recede with the shoreline from which you've just embarked.

First stop is your B&B, which is private and delicious and maybe even has its own private beach. It's luxe and cozy at the same time. You can light a fire in the fireplace or sit and watch the sunset over the ocean and mountains. Time to rest.

The weekend unfolds with grace and ease. The activities have been tailored to meet your particular likes, needs and cravings, and there are some wonderful surprises too. Dream on these:

Early morning yoga and meditation on a secluded beach
Long quiet walks in old-growth forest, with creative photo or journaling assignments to ponder
Shared meals of lovingly prepared local organic food
An afternoon in the art studio, creative play time with your art journal.
A morning in the dance studio, gently learning to love our bodies as they are, exploring our sensuality with humor and acceptance.
One-on-one mentoring (maybe sitting by a beach fire in the long twilight) that will help you bring more creative juice and true self-care home with you.
The choice to be as active or as restful as you want. Early morning cardio followed by paddling kayaks around the island? We can do that. Sleeping late followed by lounging on a blanket in the wild rose meadow with our journals? We can do that. In fact, we can do both.
A balance of free time and guided activities. A balance of rest and challenge. A balance of exploring self and accepting self. And amazing food, deep sleeps with ocean lullaby, scent of woodsmoke and cedar, ocean and wild rose. Deep, deep rest. A chance to breathe. All created just for you.

This is your Artful Island Retreat. Coming in 2013. I'm working out the details, but I can tell you I am sooooo excited to be presenting these unique, intimate, customizable women's self-care retreats to you - I can see them now, I can feel the healing reality of them. Can you feel it? Do you want to follow along as our plans evolve, and be the first to know when the retreats officially launch? I've set up a special mailing list just for Artful Island Retreat news and info:

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