questions that have been plaguing me lately

will they dry without cracking?

will there be enough for the craft fair?

will people like my new pendants?

will my business (and I) survive the next financial year?

will the sunshine last?

what on earth will I wear to Winterfest Dinner at my daughter's school?

will I have time soon to deal with that huge pile of bark mulch?

why can't I be more disciplined about my meditation practice?

tonight's reading: business, or pleasure?

why is my to do list always so long?


Sallie Ann said...

All great questions. i'm looking at your book stack and we have similar libraries!

Madame One Tree said...

Questions, questions, so many questions! It boggles the mind. Aieeeeeeeeee! (Overwrought Pirate Goddess)

I can answer one of the questions. Yes People will love your new pendants! They are earth centered and darling. (Madame One Tree)

Bronwyn said...

@ Sallie Ann - the book stacks on our bedside tables say so much about us, theyre like a snapshot of our lives at that moment - I wish more people would post them! I love seeing what people are reading.

@ Madame One Tree - Thank You!!! I hadn't thought of them as earth centered, that made me look at the imagery in a different way, and like them more!

Madame One Tree said...

I could thing of a few things that your lovely pendants could be satellited into...... Ceramic napkin holders, and chime ornaments...besides wonderful jewelry. I would wear it in a heart beat.


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