Artful Life Moon Circle - Full Moon Check In

photo from www.nightpath.org

I know, I know - I haven't checked in with the moon or this moon circle for a couple of months. I even missed a few moons with my face-to-face moon circle. But we were back together on Tuesday night, G's house was clean and serene as always. I love her clay coloured walls, soft leather furniture, vivid textiles on the walls, smell of incense, beeswax candles, warm woodstove, gentle feminine atmosphere. We snuggled in to the big soft sofas, toasted with red wine, then started spilling. It seems the last six weeks have been thick with experience, some of it really, really challenging. The strength of women amazes me. Between us we had horrible court appearances, financial crises, deaths, seriously ill spouses, work dramas, child dramas, and the usual repertoire of broken dryers, broken cars, needy children, and sundry messes to deal with. Ironically the circle was cut short by a minor child emergency, just as the mother was explaining how she was finally beginning to understand Margaret Atwood's idea of The Edible Woman. Ha! So in the (now waning) fullness of this moon, I just want to take the opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the fullness of our lives, and wish us all the fullness of our strength and powers to live through it all with joy and courage!! If you'd like, I'd be honoured if you'd share in the comments what your biggest challenge of this moon has been, and how you've met it. Happy Full Moon!


Madame One Tree said...

This is my birth moon! In addition, it is to snow here tonight, which is something of a phenomena. I love snow, I love it! The advent of winter makes me feel so very up and alive.

It has been a struggle, this year, and I am going to set out a repast tonight beneath this moon and be a circle of one. I am grateful for the glimpses of light in these last days of the year. It has helped me put many things in perspective and convinced me more than ever that I need to achieve balance and serenity in all the rooms of my literal and figurative house. I am asking for the sloughing away of residual negativity so that it does not follow me into the new year should I be graced to see it. I truly hope I do. I want to grow in strength, and determination, I want to bathe in peace and serenity. I want to find that space, that niche in which I am truly the happiest.

May the Moons' blessings pour over you as warm oil to your senses.

3pieceonline said...

Well it has been a time of clarity for me and continuing transition. I however have determined to meet this transition fully engaged. I have cleansed my temple (both physical and spiritual), removed the items that I no longer need and am now working on my new vision and inspiration boards. I am thankful for this circle so I as I have since the beginning of the full moon I will light a candle and whisper a prayer on the wind.


Bronwyn said...

I am so grateful to share the journey with such courageous women! Here's to cleaning house, finding balance, and continuing in clarity and light.

Bronwyn said...

oh, PS Happy Birth Moon. Madame One Tree!


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