three watchers on the beach tonight, under a moody sky

There is a beautiful moody sky tonight, the leafy alder branches are dancing in the wind, silhouetted black against the blue-gray cloudy twilight sky. The peacocks are crying across the meadow, sounding a bit mournful. After many days of sun, it rained today; I woke to the soothing summer sound of rain on the leaves. I made brownies tonight, and red lentil soup, because I needed that feeling of making comforting rainy-day food, to combat the chill and melancholy. Today felt like the last day of that yummy new beginnings Solstice New Moon energy, so I wanted to do as many things as I could to "set" my intentions for the next bit (month, quarter...) Here are the symbolic actions I have taken since Solstice, along with the intentions I wish these actions to set in motion:
  1. Met with wonderful women friends on the beach to share intentions. TO BE MORE IN TOUCH WITH CIRCLES OF WOMEN'S WISDOM.
  2. Took time for reading and journaling about forgiveness. TO LET GO OF ANGER.
  3. Spent lots of creative time in the studio. TO GROW MY BUSINESS JOYFULLY & INTUITIVELY.
  4. Signed important financial papers. TO BE EMPOWERED IN MY FINANCIAL LIFE.
  5. Got back in touch with a powerful healer to ask for assistance. TO CONTINUE MY HEALING JOURNEY AND ASK FOR HELP WHEN I NEED IT.
  6. Attended my first yoga class with a new teacher. TO LOVINGLY CARE FOR MY BODY AND SPIRIT - DAILY!
  7. Had honest conversations with my daughter and my sweetie. TO HONOUR AND NURTURE MY MOST INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS.
These are my intentions for the season. What are yours?

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