new moon intentions

An altered photo of a Cuban dancer embodying the Yoruba goddess Yemaya. This is part of my piece from 2007, "Spirit House for Yemaya"
New Moon has come around again, time to gather yourself in for some reflection, self-nurturing, and intention setting. Can you carve out some time - even just 15 minutes - today for solitude and reflection? Remember there are many ways to capture moments of inner solitude, even if your life is busy, active, urban, full of people, tasks, and noises. You may need to use your imagination and ingenuity. I would love to hear how you carve out space for solitude in your life situation. I like to use the last few moments before sleep to sit with my journal and set intentions for the coming day (nightly), week (on Sundays), or month (on new moons.) I have a cup of tea, decaf Earl Grey, or Chocolate Chai with soy milk and honey. I have a candle and sometimes incense. I have little white christmas lights wound around the bedpost on my side, and that is the only light. This time of year, the windows are open, and the scent of roses wafts in. (In all honesty, sometimes it's the scent of the chicken pen across the meadow, in which case I get up and close the window!) But, chickens or roses, that is my time for myself; I need it and value it. I invite all of you to share in the comments how you find your special time. I'd love to hear from more of you!

just a reminder, if you didn't get one last month, click here to save and print your 'in tune with the moon' hand painted cue card!


Madame One Tree said...

this piece is so beautifully evocative.

i am afraid that I have not had the opportunity to do ritual in a while. I keep wishing for and envisioning my sacred space but have yet to finish the space I started.

Bronwyn said...

Madame, I wish for you to find/create that space for yourself SOON!


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