Wellness Wednesday

I photographed this gorgeous fragrant waterlily several years ago at Flame Lake in Northern Ontario, where my sister in law runs a beautiful lodge.

Elena over at Lunar Musings has brought this wonderful idea of Wellness Wednesday to our blogworld. She says

My intention is to create a day where we can collectively observe our commitment to wellness by sharing the things that we do for ourselves that support our health. This may be a post on diet, yoga, small personal rituals done daily to maintain body health, tips, recipes, resources, encouragement and antidotes. It can be anything that is part of your intentional practice of nurturing your wellness.

I have been consciously working for over a year now to bring healing and clarity to many aspects of my life, especially to my physical and emotional well being. About two years ago I went through a deeply challenging time that shifted the bedrock of my life. Inner and outer forces seemed to conspire to uproot me from my former habits and beliefs about myself. It was all very painful, and, in retrospect, very necessary. I know many of you reading this have experienced similar challenges; the call to live more authentically may come through an illness or accident, a rupture in a primary relationship, the "failure" of a big plan. Like me, you may have had to start over again in some aspect of your life, or do big things you'd never done before! For me, this time has been a journey, a real adventure, but a solitary one. I love the idea of having an opportunity to share some of that journey with the beautiful community I am connecting with through this blog! I think for today I want to share with you a list ( I love lists, as you've probably noticed) of the many practices, ideas, and new habits that have helped me in my journey into well-being, and in coming weeks I will explore some of these practices and ideas in depth. Some of these things have been major components in my healing, and have become important elements of my daily life. Others have been brief respites or temporary explorations that have nonetheless helped along the way! I look forward to sharing more details as the weeks go on. SO here they are, in no particular order:

  • making art
  • journalling
  • yoga
  • bellydance
  • EMDR
  • more yoga
  • mindfulness meditation
  • buddhist practice & mind training
  • raw food
  • or, on the other hand, delicious, traditional, artful cooking
  • being in nature, daily; connecting with the weather and the seasons
  • reading (reading list coming next week!)
  • tea
  • breath awareness
  • mindful eating
  • the practice (or aspiration to practice) ahimsa - nonharming.
  • childlike fun & play: I need more of this!
  • prayer
  • creating a harmonious living space
  • feng shui
  • homeopathy
  • BLOGGING - finding community everywhere!

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