Wellness Wednesday - Reading List

I love books! When I was growing up, books were steadfast companions in a world that was sometimes lonely and unpredictable. Books provided many worlds to escape into, and so many things to learn. The weekly trip to the library was always much anticipated. Even before I knew how to read, I would bring home a stack of library books and eagerly try to decipher the story in each one by examining the illustrations. I can remember the musty, quiet smell of the pages and the feeling of excitement and anticipation in having a whole stack of books yet to be read. I am still this girl today. One of my favourite escapes is spending an hour or two in a big bookstore. I love to read poetry and novels, but my real weakness is still the same as it was when I was five - big books with lots of pictures, or books that tell you how to do something. Forty years ago my favourite content was horses, codes and secret languages, map making, exploring the wilderness, and of course anything to do with magic spells. My preferred content has changed quite a bit, although I still love anything to do with magic spells! This Wellness Wednesday, I wanted to share a few of the books that have helped me the most on my recent healing path. Just imagine this list as the virtual version of a juicy stack of fresh books on your night table!

Pema Chodron all her writings!
Chogyam Trungpa Training the Mind
The Bhagavad Gita
B.K.S. Iyengar Light on Life
Hafiz The Gift

Life Strategies
Jack Canfield Success Principles
Kimberly Wilson Hip Tranquil Chick

Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence
Dr. Phil Relationship Rescue
Jane Burka & Lenora Yuen Procrastination

Food & Health
Nicholas Perricone, MD The Perricone Promise
Barbara Kingsolver Animal Vegetable Miracle
Madhur Jaffrey World Vegetarian

Rosina-Fawzia B. Al-Rawi Grandmother's Secrets
Christiane Northrup Wisdom of Menopause & Mother Daughter Wisdom


Elena Rego said...

Mmmmm... great list. I was and am that girl as well. I can't remember ever not having a book by my side. I would spend whole summers in elementary, junior high and high school in the back yard or at the beach getting a tan and reading voraciously. Each time I open a book, the first thing I do is open it to the center and place my nose deep inside of it and inhale slowly. Its magical...

Oh... and rainy days? There is nothing better then bundling up, heading to the Barnes and Noble nearby and sipping tea and hot chocolate all day while hiding in some corner with a mountain of books and magazines spread out all around me.

sigh... I'm due for another trip. :)

Cheri said...

Thank you for such an interesting and enticing stack of books! I am especially excited to discover HAFIZ. I think my daughter Caitlin is going to looove Hip Tranquil Chick.

Books! The rescue team, the family dog, the dream to reach, the recognition of deeper truths, the information you needed .... always waiting for you. Where would we be without them. But there are so many people who don't understand this. I do book sharing in an inner city school. The main objective of this volunteer program is to help first grade children learn that book aren't enemies, but friends.
It seems a simple thing to read to your children, but in many families there is no reading or reading material. That is an area I want to work in during the next few years.

Bronwyn said...

Thanks both of you for your thoughtful comments.. Elena! I do the same thing with a new book! slow inhale... Cheri - I love the idea of you doing this important work with young children - and YES you will love Hafiz I feel sure. You might know that my father loved him too.


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