After a little hiatus this fall to heal my back, I'm ready to bring dance back into my life in the new year. I've jumped back in to my dance blog, and I'm looking forward to building my spring teaching schedule, including another sacred dance retreat with Gillian. Yay! Dance brings me so much joy, as does the rich community of women I've been honoured to dance with over the years. The physical limitations imposed by my injured back have forced me to take a break from all of this over the last half year or so - I know from experience that these "breaks," however unwanted and unexpected, are usually important times of incubation and hidden growth, so I am excited to see what comes to light as I invite dance back into my life! I'd love to hear about your physical practices and how they feed your life/spirit. And how will you renew them in the new year?

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3pieceonline said...

I love dance as well. I find that I feel so free when I dance. Love your blog too.


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