celebrations: two birthdays

my daughter turned sixteen yesterday, and my friend turned 32. I got to attend both parties, and spent the evening before making cupcakes.

cupcakes on blossomware:

Ondine looks for a cupcake recipe:

making caramel-pear batter:

Katarina & Ondine check the fire grilled halibut:


an angel in the fire:

sweet sixteen: bouillabase & champagne:

more cupcakes on blossomware:


Kate said...

Everything looks so amazing, and I MUST know all about caramel-pear batter. Please?

Bronwyn said...

Hey Kate, my friend Katerina who was one of the b'day girls is a master of all things baked and delicious, and she came up with the caramel pear cupcakes. I've asked her to leave a comment and elaborate... ( : so check back....

Kate said...

Will do. I haven't stopped thinking about them since yesterday.

katarina said...

Hi Kate,

Start with a reliable yellow cake recipe - epicurious.com is a good source. Also, use slightly firm pears if you can find them.

The rest is kind of vague, because I made it up as we went along.

about 1/2 c. - 3/4c. white sugar
about 3 tbs. water

cook in a skillet until the water evaporates and the sugar becomes a deep caramel.

Add 1/4 c. sherry CAREFULLY, mixture will bubble and steam vigorously, then dissolve into a thick syrup.

Add 2 pears, peeled and cut into small chunks (say, 1/4 inch).

Simmer in syrup until just cooked but still holding their shape, adding sherry if needed to keep sugar from browing further.

Let caramelized pears cool while you make your yellow cake batter, and fold it in just before baking.

Caramel or almond - flavoured icing? Dulce de leche or ginger ice cream? Skewer holes in the top and throw in a little more sherry or a little amber rum? Happy fall baking!


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