equal night

Well, here we are. The first day of Autumn. Equinox. A perfect balance of dark and light, day and night, stand an egg on its end; a day of equilibrium. And a day of new beginnings, and a day of letting go.

I'm sitting in front of a warm fire, sipping a nice malbec from a beautiful hand made wine cup. Chloe the Pug is at my feet snoring, Bob's in the next chair, keeping connected to the workings of the political world so I don't have to. Quinoa is simmering on the stove. The dishwasher is running (I find that comforting) candles are glowing and pinkish grey twilight is falling outside.

Wow! I just cheered myself up with that paragraph. I've been feeling melancholy, but looking at this moment of my life from the outside really helped. For me, 'count your blessings' often takes the form of  'count the beauty.' There's beauty in most moments, however ordinary.

How is the autumn for you? Is it a time of excitement and fresh crisp air, or storm clouds and melancholy? Or a little bit of both? Autumn is a natural time to turn within after the bright activity of the summer. It's a time to gather stores, bring in firewood, snuggle with loved ones, and make rich slow cooked stews. It's time to get a little quieter so we can listen deep within. It's time to rest more, lie fallow, restore.  

How will you move into this season of slowing down, looking within, gathering with loved ones, and engaging in quiet restoration? How can you honor the natural cycles in the midst of your busy life?

The food we cook, the clothes we wear, the scents and colours we surround ourselves with, what we drink, how we groom ourselves, how we meet with others - all this can subtly shift with the season to help align us with the seasonal energy. How do you change things up for Fall?

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