where are your dreams?

Some questions for you to ponder today:

Do you have a dream?
if yes
Do you have a long term plan for allowing it to come true?

My astrologer has a great saying; if it's in your heart, it's in your chart.  In other words, the blueprint for manifesting your dreams is already a part of who you are. Our dreams are as unique, quirky, and individual as we are. You would not have your dream if you did not also have the ability to make it happen.

Now I'm not talking about your wayward and casual dreams like wouldn't it be nice to win the lottery.

No, I'm talking about your very personal specific dreams, the ones that pull on your heart with their peculiar details and original temptations and with their downright unlikeliness...

Maybe you've gotten discouraged or just caught up in daily life, and forgotten, neglected, or given up on your own original and peculiar dreams.

Maybe today would be a good day to unlock that dreamy room in the house of your spirit, take some things down off the shelf and have a look...

and ask...

Do I still want this?
How much do I want this?
Does this fill me with heart-in-my-throat sweaty palms yearning?
If yes, then
it's time to make a plan.

But what if when you take those old dreams down and unfold them and look at them they just don't thrill you anymore?

Or what if you walk in to that dreamy room, look around, and find it empty, and think where did my dreams go?

That's what happened to me.

There was a time in my life when those shelves in that room were full to overflowing, and I was always in there rummaging around, sorting, planning, and making stuff happen. I hauled a lot of those dreams out into the light and made them happen. I was really good at that.

But dreams once realized need nurturing and maintaining. Soul mate, homes, gardens, child, businesses, and creative projects... I have been so blessed and so busy with so many gorgeously realized dreams!

And then suddenly a new era. I'm different, body-soul-heart-mind different. Older. Newer. Wiser. Transformed. Different.

I am incredibly grateful for the life I have been able to craft; I worked really hard to make all those life dreams come true. But in living and working my dreams so fully,  I just stopped dreaming new ones. So when my daughter moved out several years ago to begin to realize her own fabulous dreams, I was left pondering.

I thought, well, maybe I'm done dreaming big dreams, maybe I'm done making big stuff happen. Now I just get to rest and do little fun stuff. Work and enjoy.

I didn't really feel bereft, but it was a little strange. And I just waited. Eventually, a feeling started to emerge. I think there are some new dreams! the feeling said.

They were vague and cloudy. For two whole years! Vague cloudy yearnings, veiled hints. My dreams playing with me, like faeries in the garden at twilight.

But then, all of a sudden, just this summer, everything has clicked into focus. OH! YAY!!! New dreams. A whole fully formed shiny freshly minted brand new set of them. Just as impossible,  lovely, peculiar, and ambitious as my dreams have always been.

I'm beyond excited. And so relieved that I wasn't done dreaming. And thrilled and a little nervous to realize that the universe hasn't set a limit on my dreaming - I can keep dreaming wildly and creating my dreams as long as I am here on the planet.

The universe hasn't set a limit on your dreaming either. Where are you today with your dreams? Are you actively living them? Joyfully working to bring them to fruition? Or are you tired and uncertain where the dreams have gone? Are you on a plateau like I was, between one dream landscape and another?

Can you spend some time with your journal today, just enough time to discover where you are with your dream journey?

If you'd like to, share your dream journey in the comments.

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