monday morning - sweet self-care

To be truly present for others, and for your work in the world, you must care deeply for yourself in body, mind, and spirit.

Routines and habits can be powerful. Even a simple, seemingly frivolous monthly, weekly, or daily self-care ritual can become a powerful message to yourself that you are of value, you deserve care. The key is to practice regularly; make a commitment to yourself.

Which self-nurturing activity you choose to commit to is perhaps less important than the act of commitment to yourself, and the follow through, which builds self-trust, and a sense of worth. Simple things like a monthly pedi or the preparation of a daily superfood smoothie can become rituals of self love. You may be surprised by the power of a small self-care commitment over time.

What regular self-care ritual can you commit to today? When will you practice it? Mark your calendar for the rest of the year. Hold your commitment. Observe your sense of self-worth. It will grow.

P.S.  For today's post I really want to honour the
beautiful Kimberly Wilson of Tranquility du Jour - her work has been instrumental in my own journey towards true self-care. Check her out. And if you're interested, you can hear my chat with Kimberly about Artful Living here.

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