Have You Set Your Goals for August?

Ahhhh... my mission for July is accomplished.... pushing the 'pause' button,
taking much-needed time to breathe and dream. 

Honestly, I had no idea how much I needed this, or how small my mental & creative worlds had become through so much time spent just-pushing-through, not resting and breathing.

I love the new spaciousness I feel in head and heart; 
and in that space new dreams and goals are gently taking shape... it feels exciting, fresh and hopeful. 
For August, my goal is to hold that spaciousness; a challenge, as I have a few big pushes for work & business, but I am still prioritizing dream-time, creative time, and rest.

Have you set your goals for the month? What is your vision for the coming weeks? How will you balance must-do's with time to dream and create?

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