White Tara

Tara with Plenty ©2011 Lasha Mutual

Isn't this absolutely gorgeous? I just ordered a limited edition print of this amazing watercolour by artist (and fellow Canadian) Lasha Mutual. She is working on a series of 108 White Taras, you can see the series here; each is just as sacred and beautiful as the next. I love it when the act of creation is also an act of devotion. Actually, I think it always is, but it can be especially powerful when the artist acknowledges this connection between creativity and what we sometimes call the Divine - the mystery, the life-force, the big energy we are all a part of.

The White Tara is special to me; you could call me a devotee. She is the feminine embodiment of compassion and wisdom, she is eternal-eyes-wide-open and never judging. She is the loving divine feminine who takes so many forms and is so universally beloved across cultures, whether she is seen as Kwan Yin or Mother Mary, Lady Liberty or the Tara Herself.

I strive to embody her wisdom, compassion, kindness, and discretion. Plus Beauty, both sensual and spiritual! The pink peony tattooed over my left shoulder is a daily reminder to aspire to her qualities of Grace. (She's shown with a lotus here, but sometimes it is a peony.)

Where do you turn for inspiration and aspiration? Is it to a divine image, the natural world, a real life mentor, or a vision of yourself as more whole? Wherever it is, I encourage you to spend some time there today.

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