Happy New Year from The Artful Life!

**UPDATE** Do you want to work your way through the course at your own speed? Great!  You can do that any time, beautiful!  Just click here, and you will find the posts and challenges for all seven weeks. DO them in any order you want, at any speed you want, and do feel free to share your experience in the comments! xo love Bronwyn

Hello Beautiful Ones,
I have a New year's gift for all of you - a mindful beginning to an artful, balanced and abundant 2011. I've decided to share much of the material, including the weekly musings and challenges, from my Seven Keys to an Artful Life e-course here on the blog, for the first eight weeks of 2011, for FREE!!! Yay! Since I have two new e-courses in the works for 2011, and won't be offering the 7 keys course again, I wanted to share some of the wonderful work of that course with ALL of you.

The course will begin on Monday, January 3, with musings on our comfort zones - when to push out of them, when to retreat into them, how to create sacred, comforting spaces within and without. Then, for  seven consecutive Mondays, we will muse together on each of the Seven Keys to an Artful Life, and I will post an Artful Challenge on the week's theme:

  1. January 10: Move Your Body Daily, Joyfully.
  2. January 17: Nurture Your Precious Spirit-Self
  3. January 24: Practice Loving Self-Care
  4. January 31: Find Your Authentic Livelihood
  5. February 7: Create a Tranquil Home
  6. February 14: Cultivate Joyous Relationships
  7. February 21: Tap In To Abundant Creativity
All you have to do to participate is drop by the blog on Mondays. {To get posts right in your in-box, click here.} Anyone who completes all the Artful Challenges and shares them in the comments will earn themselves a free spot in my next e-course...yay!

{note: For those of you who took the full version of the course, I want to be sure that you still feel cared for. I appreciate your support of my courses! So I decided to make things nice and fair by offering you free tuition in my next registered e-course, coming in the Spring. Check your in-box soon for a coupon. Happy New Year!}

I can't wait for fresh beautiful new beginnings and abundant chances to live fully an step into our authentic selves. I hope you'll join me on this new adventure.


Lola ^^ said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you Bronwyn!!!!!!! this is priceless! I wish you the best in 2011 and that you keep sharing your light with us!

Lola ^^ said...


that's me ;)

Bronwyn said...

Thanks Lola, I'm looking forward to to hearing from you more as we journey through the seven weeks!

Linda said...

Hi Bronwyn,
Your e-course sounds great, I will look forward to participating each Monday!
I loved your "simple" post on the 31st ~ what a perfect true desire!

creativehealinggoddess said...

thank you Bronwyn I have my own teleclass starting in the spring but this is a good 'pamper'for myself givers and healers need an artful life too..


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