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Hello Beautiful,
I hope your holiday season has been truly filled with comfort and joy, and that your journey into the New Year is gentle and glowing.

Breathing through this holiday season, I feel like I am birthing a new self. Really! It sounds so big and dramatic... and it's not really a big drama, but it is a feeling of profound growth and transition, a time to be really awake to all the little epiphanies, little pieces of me cracking open and shifting around inside, light shining in and making hidden bits really clear. Big. Uncomfortable. Necessary. Beautiful.

In the meantime,  I  had the comfort and joy of our little family and our holiday ways. My daughter visited for a whole week, we created and cooked and talked and laughed and bumped up against each other and laughed some more. One of my favourite things was a day spent in pajamas snacking on party leftovers and covering the livingroom floor with magazine clippings in order to make our 2011 vision boards. She made a huge poster size board which she rolled up in her yoga mat to take home to LA. I made a large book of watercolour paper to contain my several chapters of visions for the year. It's still a work in progress. Here are some images of our Visioning Day (my pages above, daughter and her vision board below):

Have you made a vision board for 2011? It's a great way to spend one of these long post-holiday afternoons. Here are my suggestions for making it really fun:
  • work intuitively, from the heart. begin by tearing out images that make your heart beat faster - whatever they are!
  • set aside "practical goals" - write them in your journal instead. For the Vision Board, let your spirit and unconscious mind vision your year ahead.
  • Try creating several pages on different themes. Mine started out being colour-themed, and once they were all glued up, I saw the represented different parts of me - maybe mind, body, and spirit?
  • Allow the odd juxtapositions to happen. What can you learn from them? I love the dalaii lama overlooking Venice Beach volleyball on my daughter's board.
  • If you want to share your vision board here, send me a pic and I'll post it.


Madame One Tree said...

What a nice idea! I had never seen your daughter before. She is a lovely young lady. Your influence on her features is very visible.

PS I have had to shut my blog down until I can figure the permission and invitations out. Security breach of sorts.

Bronwyn said...

Thanks madame, she is far lovelier than I, which is just as it should be. And I treasure our times creating together.

I am dismayed that you have taken your blog offline! I hope you find a way to return soon....

dancing mom said...

I love this idea Bronwyn!!! Leanne Sutton

Bronwyn said...

Thanks Leanne, it's really fun and powerful... try it!


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