Hello Again, Beautiful
Here are a few glimpses of the magical snow world I've been living in for the last few days. The pipes have been frozen. Things are closed and cancelled. The woodstove is going 24/7 and I've been cooking exotic hot curries with ingredients like rosewater and coconut. It's getting dark around 4:30 pm, we snuggle by the fire and drink hot chocolate with Sambuca. I spend the days in my study wearing sweaters and slippers and trying not to panic as I tackle mountains of work.

I've been away.
This blog has been a touchstone for me for almost three years now, a place to share and reflect on what is most beautiful in my life, and also a wonderful gathering place of kindred spirits. But I've been away from this space a lot over the last six months or so. This year has been one of profound shifts and deep transformations in my life, and lots and lots of letting go. Some of it has been difficult. There's been lots of sorting and sifting. Several new adventures have begun. And I've been working out new ways to engage with the old activities and patterns of my life, to foster contentment and growth. How to  engage more authentically with this space is part of what I've been mulling over. I'm not sure what will evolve, but I do know that I love being here with the little community that has developed around this space, and I love sharing beauty and creativity and juicy life with you.
So I'm jumping back in, excited to keep transforming and sharing what I see on the path.


Anonymous said...

Love the winter photos, my second Christmas in NV and I am still not used to not having snow-- I look forward to following your blog.
Happy Holidays! :]

Bronwyn said...

Welcome to the Artful Life, Wild Tree! We don't always get snow here, the winters are usually muddy and mild and dark - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the snow when it comes. Being rare, it keeps its magic. Holiday blessings to you, too.


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