Artful Life Moon Circle - How to Set New Moon Intentions

beautiful woman and the new moonAre we really affected by the phases of the moon? Does the moon exert some magical pull on our watery bodies or our primitive minds? Maybe. What I do know for sure is that to flourish, we need to feel connected to the world around us. The practice of patterning our lives, even in small, symbolic ways, on the patterns of nature can be very affirming. For me, the cycle of the moon is a beautiful reflection of the cycles of increase and decrease in my own life.


Hello Beautiful Artful Women!

It's moon circle time again! Here on the Artful Life we meet at each New and Full Moon to share inspiration and intentions, and to align our energies with the lunar cycles.

I love New Moon! To me it's like a mini-New Year's every month. It's a chance to begin a-new, reset the cycle, plant seeds, plant goals, be fresh. One night it's all in darkness; the next night there's this delicate sliver of silver, just a thread in the twilight, setting with the setting sun. It always takes my breath away. I get this little surge of hope, an affirmation that it is always possible to begin again, that we all, always, have a chance at a clean slate. I love that magic! It's a time for cleansing, renewal, setting intentions, and beginning anything to do with abundance, the emotions, etc.. Do you want something to increase? Then take steps towards it, symbolic and practical, on the new moon.

How to Set New Moon Intentions
  •  choose an area of your life where you want to see increase. do you want your veggie garden to grow? do you need more clients, more income, more money? are you yearning to get pregnant or adopt? do you need more time for yourself, more love, more peace of mind, more sleep?
  •  write down your intention; be clear, specific, and simple. "My intention is to grow my client list by 5 clients this month" "My intention is to grow enormous dahlias" 
  • share your intention with at least one other person (share it here in the comments, we would love to see it!)
  • take some time on New Moon Day to seed your intention. you can be formal or casual, whatever feels most natural to you. you can create a little ritual, light a candle, do whatever you do to connect with Spirit - the most important thing is to open your heart, and hold your intention.
  • listen to your intuition. does your ritual feel awkward? what is your heart really telling you? is this the right intention for you now? be willing to let go, change your focus, revise your desires, and listen to your heart-wisdom.
  • ask for peace.
  • as the month progresses, watch the moon, and connect your heart with the power of the waxing light.

Anyone is welcome to join the Moon Circle! If this is your first Moon Circle, read this Moon Circle post to find out what it's all about. I've made a gift for you, a printable (and pretty) guide to the moon phases. Check out all the Artful Life Moon Circles here.

The new moon this month is in the sign of Leo, so set intentions regarding your leadership and personal drive, or perhaps about playfulness, fun, and sociability. Set your intention now, by joining our comments circle!

P.S. Never forget you are beautiful and worthy.
P.P.S. Do you want more moon magic? Become part of the the Artful Women's Magic Moon Circle!


3pieceonline said...

So late to the party however my new moon intention is to stop my making assumptions and receive my abundance.

Bronwyn said...

i love that. i find i jump to assumptions/conclusions and it can be limiting - so here's to your moon of being open to receiving - abundance, authenticity, all good things!
glad you checked in (:

GlendaM said...

What a wonderful idea! Until the moon is full my intention is to have more fun and creative time by myself and with friends (new and old).

I recently found your blog and just wanted to tell you that it is beautiful and I enjoy the posts!


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