inspiring collage workshop

I spent the weekend fully absorbed in collage, thanks to a workshop with the wonderful Dorothy Field. Dorothy is a gifted and generous teacher. She shares deeply and freely from her own life and creative process, and brings her lively and curious mind and her mastery of the dynamics of composition to her gentle critiques of each of her student's work. It was an inspiring two days. Witness my busy workshop space above!

A note to my readers: I find it irritating when people apologize for being away from their blogs. But I do want to acknowledge that I was away for a time, and now I'm back. I'm looking forward to re-engaging with you all and sharing some of the changes and insights the last few months have brought. I did miss inhabiting this space.


Madame One Tree said...

Hello! Happy to see you in your space again. I love collage too.

Bronwyn said...

Thanks for stopping by, Madame!


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