Artful Life Moon Circle - New Moon!

Happy New Moon, and Lunar New Year (and Valentine's Day)!

About the Artful Life Moon Circle:
It's moon circle time again! Here on the Artful Life we meet at each New and Full Moon to share inspiration and intentions, and to align our energies with the lunar cycles. Anyone is welcome to join the Moon Circle! If this is your first Moon Circle, read this post to find out what it's all about. You can also click here for a printable (and pretty) guide to the moon phases. If you'd like to read all the Artful Life Moon Circles, click here.

February New Moon Intentions & A Confession
So we know, the new moon is an excellent time to set intentions for the coming month and harness the energy of increase in our lives. The Lunar New Year is traditionally a time to clean the slate, pay debts of all kinds (not just financial) and a chance to start over as your very best self. Whew! Like last month's eclipse new moon, this moon is a powerful opportunity for movement and change. I'm taking it on - offer me your support on this one sisters! - and stepping up to begin tinkering with one of my Big Issues. You know the one, right? We all have them. The one that gives you an oogy feeling in your stomach and makes you want to squint your eyes and hurry up and do something - anything - distracting. So here's my big confession: I have a really hard time meeting deadlines and communicating about meeting deadlines. It doesn't really look so bad when I spell it out like that, but believe me, it is bad, and it causes no end of badness and tangles in my life. So, I didn't really mean to step up to my Big Issue, the universe kind of stepped me up. My wonderful life coach asked my on Thursday what I might like to work on in the next little while (actually I'm pretty sure she didn't say "work on" because she doesn't really say that, but you get the idea...) and I said "Well, I think I'd like to work on my issue with meeting deadlines and communicating about meeting deadlines." I have no idea why I would say that. It isn't true. I really, really don't want to work on this. But now it's too late. Have you ever noticed what happens when you say, even idley, "Gee, maybe its time for me to work on Issue X?" Suddenly, stuff about Issue X is coming out of the woodwork, and it seems like your whole life centres on Issue X and oh my gosh how did you ever go so long without dealing with Issue X? So that's where I am. In the three days since I made that ambitious statement to my coach, I have had the very useful opportunity to deal with no less than four people in my life (from all areas of my life) who have each said in their own way "It's really unacceptable that it's taken you so long to do such-and-such" and my usual response of "Gee, I'm sorry, I really don't know what's wrong with me" suddenly just seems so... lame. I'm still sorry, but I do know what's wrong with me, though I may never know why, and this moon, my intention is to make a valiant effort to begin to change this behaviour. And by that, I mean specifically that I will make every effort to meet my deadlines, and when I can't, to communicate promptly and openly with those involved. Should be simple, right? I have a few strategies up my sleeve; most of them involve courage and good communication, so in a way this post is a beginning. Wish me courage!

So now, to you... what big or little issue is the universe stepping you up to? Is there one cringeworthy thing you could bring yourself to begin on, with the support of this circle? Please share!


tamarack said...

My intention is to be gentler and kinder with myself, in all ways. I want to soften those critical, judgemental streaks...they prevent me from being and doing all that I could, and I am ready to let them go.

Bronwyn said...

@ tamarack: thanks, that is such a beautiful intention, and a magical and timely reminder. So glad you stopped by.

Madame One Tree said...

I'm late! For a very important date!

Missed the new moon by a couple of days. My intent is confident translation in creativity. Sounds a little analytical.

I want the art in my head to translate, by way of my heart, through my hands in complete and utter confidence that I am just as good as anyone else in MY way. There!

Bronwyn said...

Hi Madame, LOVE your intention. head thru heart to hands, with self love. perfect. Thanks for coming to the circle!


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