Artful Life Moon Circle - Full Moon Check In

full moon lunar eclipseWhat is the Artful Life Moon Circle? To find out and join our circle, read this post.

Such an extra special full moon this time around! This full moon in Cancer fell on New Year's Eve, was a "blue moon," and there was a lunar eclipse! This coincidence of events make it an ideal time to embrace change and set intentions, especially in our inner, emotional lives, and in our home life. The lunar eclipse always marks an important inner shift, often reflected in outer changes during the month around the eclipse. We can best use the powerful eclipse energy by paying special attention to our intuition (what shifts do we know we deeply need?), and to the subtle shifts in energy around us (what changes do we sense on the horizon?) If we can be deeply honest with ourselves, we will be much more able to ride the energy of change, and practice acceptance. What is shifting in your world? What support do you need now to face changes with grace? How can you access that support? What are your instincts telling you? You can share some of your responses here in the comments, and allow the moon circle to support you!!! Happy Full Moon, Happy New Year, and I'm wishing you grace and well-being through all the moons of 2010!

Artful Reminder:

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3pieceonline said...

It was such a beautiful and magical full moon this time I have been working on making changes to the abode but did want to participate.
What is shifting in your world? I am preparing myself to release my daughter from the nest into her first steps toward becoming an adult.
What support do you need now to face changes with grace? I am constantly seeking elder wisdom and spiritual guidance to ensure I remain on my path and take the turns when the path changes.
How can you access that support? By being aware and responsible to ask for it.
What are your instincts telling you? You go girl

Madame One Tree said...

I completely missed this! I must do better.
The Blue Moon.. magical, extra special portent of things come to fruition. Along with all the other celestial events that occurred simultaneously, this can only mean it is time for change for me. I don't know in which direction but I know that I must step out to effect the beginning. J is right. It's time to go forth, girl.


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