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Chogyam Trungpa, the brilliant, iconoclastic Tibetan Buddhist teacher, once quipped that the mantra most useful to most Western buddhist students was "Om grow up svaha." Gotta love that pithy tough-love buddhist humour. I don't know what is happening in my stars, but the last little while - month maybe? - has been just filled with all kinds of rich opportunities to Grow Up. All I can do, it seems, is accept these invitations from the universe as graciously as possible. Some little things help. Listening to Jane Siberry's Calling All Angels. Working (lots.) Hanging out with my beautiful daughter, cuddling my dog, talking to friends, leaning on my sweetie (lots.) Coming here and seeing how many of you left kind and caring comments last week (Thank you.) What little things help you get through your own rich opportunities for growth? I'd love to hear.


Anonymous said...

I usually need to calm my passions a little and my excitement before I can clearly see what's in front of me. I love dancing and going to the gym - I think the physical effort and pleasure of the physical expression allows me to re focus. Of course the support of hubby, mum and a friend or two are vital.

Bronwyn said...

@ the gypsy: yes yes yes to dancing for me or a long beach walk or strenuous flow yoga. You are so right that refocussing on the physical, grounding in the simple pleasures of movement, can really clear our mental space. thanks for the reminder.


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