Florence, Home of my Heart

Bronwyn Simons in Florence Italy, indulging in creativity, making and studying art.
That's me in the garden behind my apartment in Florence in 2001. It's May and the roses are blooming. The smells of the street reach into this little urban garden; dry stone, exhaust fumes, dust, lemons. The sounds as well, the whine of Vespas, sirens and shouting. It's a rough kind of paradise. It is a place that feels like the home of my heart, just as much as my wild and pristine island. I'm achy lately to return there. Just casting the net of that intention out there! I want to bring a group of women there for soul reflection, art-making, breathing in the strange beauty of the place together, gathering inspiration. Do you want to go with me? Below is my favourite piazza, Santissima Annunziata:

mixed media photo ATC, from Artful Life creativity and life balance retreats and workshops in Italy for women
The beautiful Piazza Santissima Annunziata in Florence Italy, where I want to take a group of women on art and creativity retreat and tour


3pieceonline said...

Oh Bronwyn you are creating serious wanderlust in me right now. Boy would I love to travel there with you.


Cheri said...

What an inviting dream to visit with you in Florence! Your description creates such ambience. I can imagine joining you at your little garden table for a glass of wine and maybe a baguette with cheese.


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