embracing natural life rhythms

clouds over ocean at twilight, symbolising the turning within that is necessary for creativity
fal·low (fal′ō)

1. land plowed but not seeded for one or more growing seasons, to kill weeds, make the soil richer, etc.
2. the plowing of land to be left idle in this way

Etymology: ME falow fealh, akin to fealh, harrow, felly (of wheel) pelk-, to turn > Gael olca, fallow land


1. left uncultivated or unplanted
2. untrained; inactive: said esp. of the mind

I have been having a bit of what is usually known as "down time." I've been down, and slow, and not focused on being out there or productive. These fallow times are always a struggle for me - I think they are for many of us. Here's what I wrote in my journal:

So it's been one of those low rhythm stuck slow kinds of weeks where all kinds of deadlines projects and ideas just seem to evaporate from my brain. These times are very uncomfortable and I berate myself for being unproductive. But I think they come about naturally out of a need for rest and reflection, and sometimes a need for a new direction. One of the most difficult things about being self-employed is learning to respect my natural rhythms without giving in to either sloth or frenzied busy-ness. What I would like is to be able to honour and acknowledge these times as natural periods of re-assessment, rest, mental freedom, useful doubt, creative questioning, and fallow or root-growing time. I would like to make room for these times in my life, honour them, and contain them in a little womb of safety. I would like to create enough structure around these times so that necessary work gets done, deadlines are met, and obligations are not neglected. Perhaps most importantly, I would like to learn to truly honour my instincts and rhythms enough to not feel angry and guilty, wrong and bad for these slowing down times.

How do you experience fallow times in your life? Do you have any special strategies for nurturing yourself through such times? I would love to hear.

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