Welcoming the Season

I love the softness of early summer. I love being able to walk outside in my pajamas first thing in the morning and feel cool grass, warm stone, smooth wood under my bare feet. Something that's been wound up tight all rainy winter starts to release as the leaves burst forth and the earth warms... *big deep breath*....
Here are some ways to welcome and celebrate the season of warmth & softness:

  • Spend a weekend afternoon taking a local garden tour & drink in inspiration for your own landscape.
  • Plant something ornamental and something edible. Even on an urban balcony you can grow a pot of herbs, an urn of bamboo...
  • Take a long lunch with a friend you haven't seen for a while. Sit outside. Drink a blush wine.
  • Freshen up the house - sweep up the cobwebs, put away the fuzzy afghans and your knitting basket until September. Open the windows, bring home lots of flowers.
  • Change your fragrance - choose something with notes of rose, lemon, honeysuckle & peony.
  • Go to the local farmer's market and bring home salad greens and artisan cheese. Have a meal outside with a huge fresh salad & baguette.
  • Get a pedicure in seashell pink.
  • Start wearing lavender scented sunscreen.
  • Have friends over for a barbecue. Explore vegetarian BBQ options like smoked tofu kebabs or portabello mushrooms marinated in balsamic. Drink bottled beer with lemon.
  • Wake up in time to watch the sun rise, put on warm sweats, and take your yoga and meditation practice outside.
  • Stop, breathe, listen to the birds, and feel the sun on your skin. Practice gratitude.

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Madame One Tree said...

Your blog is peaceful and inspiring to me. I have subscribed to you and look forward to getting this dose of calm on a daily basis.


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