things to do on the new moon

To me it's like a mini-New Year's every month. It's a chance to begin a-new, reset the cycle, plant seeds, plant goals, be fresh. One night it's all in darkness; the next night there's this delicate sliver of silver, just a thread in the twilight, setting with the setting sun. It always takes my breath away. I get this little surge of hope, an affirmation that it is always possible to begin again, that we all, always, have a chance at a clean slate. I love that magic! Here are some things that are traditionally done at the new moon or while it's waxing, also some things I think work well with new moon energy:
  • plant seeds & seedlings
  • take a personal day & set monthly goals
  • start a savings or investment account
  • make a wish
  • begin a creative project
  • swim naked in the ocean
  • send out resumes
  • get married or
  • propose marriage or
  • go on a first date
Just a few ideas - you get the picture, though, it's a time for cleansing, renewal, setting intentions, and beginning anything to do with abundance, the emotions, etc.. Do you want something to increase? Then take steps towards it, symbolic and practical, on the new moon. It's magical thinking, it's metaphor, it's folk tradition, it's really just another way to feel a sense of belonging in the world, by seeing your intention mirrored out there. And we so need that sense of belonging. So give it a try.

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Madame One Tree said...

I was thinking about that very same thing. To speak intent under the stars will be a good thing to do in the next few days. Lovely post.


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