nurturing self-care: celebrate you!!!

Well, my excuse for this post is that today is my birthday! Yay! I love birthdays. The sun is shining after a few days of rain. My daughter and my little pup snuggled in bed with me this morning while the sun streamed through the white curtains, I grabbed my journal & coloured pencils & tarot cards & dear daughter did a reading for me, spreading out the cards on our soft turquoise 9 patch quilt in the filtered sunlight. It was incredibly insightful & helpful *sneak peak below* then my sweetie brought me breakfast in bed including toast with extra butter. THEN all the dogs started barking because bff was standing at the door holding a new rose bush (white/pink blush, double, elegant, old fashioned bourbon type and super fragrant; she knows me!) and as if that all weren't enough my sweetie actually booked a pedicure for me. A seaside spa pedicure. Pedicures and extra butter! Wheee!

I love to feel special on my birthday, and I love to make others feel special on theirs. There is sacredness and mystery in the day we are born - have you ever been in a birthing room? Our birth anniversary is the time to remember that joy is our birthright. It's a funny thing; although my birthdays are almost always really lovely & magical, I am often sad, mad, and depressed for the days leading up to *my* day. All these ugly feelings of un-deserving and self pity come rolling in like stormy surf. Then the day dawns and life is good and I can relax and enjoy. This isn't about aging, I don't really mind about aging. (My grandmother is 95 and she rocks. ) I think it's really all about deserving, and I think many of us struggle with this one. Do I deserve to celebrate my self? Is my life special? Do I deserve to be celebrated for simply being? And the answers should be yes, yes, and a resounding yes. It's really important to take the time to honour ourselves; for our accomplishments, yes! But also just for our being. In Buddhism there is the idea of keeping a primary focus on gratitude for our precious human life. Not a guilt-ridden-not-sure-I-deserve-it kind of gratitude, but a joyful, certain gratitude that rises up in your heart like love. YES! I celebrate my precious human life. How can you celebrate yours today?

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