Happy Easter!

I took this photo at Spring Equinox. I was sitting at the kitchen counter with the family at breakfast time, talking about the specialness of the day, dark and light equal, first day of spring, a day of promise and balance. I then pronounced (just for fun, because I heard it somewhere once,) "you know, this is the only day of the year you can stand an egg on it's end!" We all chuckled, my daughter grabbed an egg to give it a try, then my sweetie tried too, and pronounced it impossible. I said (with bravado) "I'll show you!", grabbed the egg, and set it on the counter, first try, just as you see it above. We all sat for a moment in shocked silence. Then I grabbed the camera. So I thought I would share this today, another egg holiday. I'm wishing you all a peaceful, abundant, joyful, and BALANCED springtime!


Isdihara said...

Thanks for sharing the photo! You're not going to divulge your secret?

I've never been able to stand an egg on its end, though I've seen it done on TV. Maybe because I never think to try it until the Spring Equinox has passed. (hee, hee)

Just discovered your blog through my Google Alert for belly dance. Glad to have found you!

Bronwyn said...

Thanks for stopping by, Isdihara!
There's no secret! It was just a weird, magical, one time event - I just set the egg down, and there it stayed.
If you're a bellydancer, you might want to check out my dance blog at www.dancewithbronwyn.blogspot.com



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