Goddess Labyrinth on the Beach

My favourite walk takes me down a long spit of land between a small salmon bearing stream and the ocean. The path next to the creek is gently sheltered, and finally opens up onto a wild part of the beach. This is what I saw the other day when I emerged from the creek path. A small, but walkable Classical Labyrinth laid out in oyster shells, affirming my recent life theme of focus, centredness, and one-ness with the world. I also wanted to share with you this wonderful quote that I came across recently in a favourite magazine:

What might my life be like were I to give in to the rhythms of my own ragged dance? Like this, I imagine, walking down the trail, past grapevines and winecups and hiusache blooming in the sun. Just like this attentiveness, this pleasure, this being present to the world. -Susan Hanson

Today I hope you can dance your own ragged dance with joy!


That is the chicken said...

What a beautiful labyrinth and what a magical surprise to stumble accross on a blue sky day!

Elena Rego said...



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