This was the view from the deck of my studio yesterday mid-day. It's a little bit of an icy mist that creeps in under the doors. It's a beautiful grey plum colour and looks gorgeous blanketing other islands in the distance, but BRRRRR...... SO here are seven ways to invite warmth in January, if you can't travel to it!

  1. Listen to music from hot places. I especially love to listen to Cuban and African music this time of year. Here is an interesting choice.
  2. Indulge in tropical scents. I get this fantastic pure, organic coconut oil - it's the only brand I've found that retains the amazing pure smell of fresh coconuts. I use it as a body oil. YUM!
  3. Tap into the healing power of colour. Combat icy grey with orange, fuschia, lime green - any fruit and flower colours. Paint a wall, or your fingernails - reupholster a chair or buy a sparkly sari to drape over it.
  4. Cook spicy food - make tortilla soup or serve sweet potato curry with hot lime chutney
  5. Go somewhere where you can have a swim, sauna, and hot-tub - if (like me) a spa day isn't in your budget, check out the local pool or aquatic centre.
  6. Adorn the house with fresh flowers (freesia!) , bowls of fruit (limes!), and scented candles or incense (coconut or sandalwood!)
  7. Get out your photos from a tropical trip and do some creative journaling.

looking out the door of my favourite room at hacienda mosaico, one of my favourite places!


Cheri said...

Great photo - it is difficult to capture MIST.
I enjoyed visualizing these amazing warm-yourself-up suggestions. What creative, lively ideas!
My cooking today, a brisk one here in Halifax, was an old-fashioned, free-range chicken stew with spelt biscuits on top. Lots of yummy, warming calories!

Anonymous said...

Hi from Courtenay, yes great pic of our ice mist!

Elena Rego said...

Oh I love this list! The cold has crept its way back to our little hide away and I am bundled from head to toe! I have started adding larger amounts of cayenne to my hot chocolate, and think that maybe some Cuban music will spice up the house even more! ;)


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