Creative Journaling

I'm teaching a workshop this weekend sponsored by the DI Women's Outreach Society, part of a series of free workshops for women entitled "Empowerment Through The Arts." I'm looking forward to spending two hours playing with art supplies... yay! I'm going to focus on personal visioning and goal setting through creative journalling. There was a fun article in this month's Cloth Paper Scissors magazine on the topic, worth checking out. Here are a couple of examples of my own recent brainstorming and goal setting in my journals; above from my Terra Home sketchbook, and below from the recent teleclass I took with Hip Tranquil Chick. If you are on the island this Saturday and have a free afternoon, drop by the Old School between 1 and 3 and join us for some fun, creative, empowering art-play!

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Elena Rego said...

this lotus is gorgeous! I love this idea for visioning. Last year I collaged a vision board, and this year all I have are lists and written plans. I think I may need to pull out the color pencils and incorporate some drawings of blossoms as well. I am so loving the colors of your life right now! :)


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