more winter beauty

Just to give you a sense of the true drama of the season - these photos were taken around three in the afternoon. The light was spectacular and plum coloured, the water was very soft and still, broken only by the meanderings of a few black ducks. I'm just yearning to turn inward and be still, yet life demands my full and busy presence. I participated this weekend in the Denman Island Christmas Craft Faire; it's a wonderful, high quality show that's been going for years, it felt great to be a part of it, and I worked very hard to make a good presentation and have lots of beautiful wares available. I got tons of compliments and lots of positive feedback. I even won the best booth award. (Go here to see what it looked like!) At one point, the wise and kind woman who had been our family doctor for years before her retirement, stopped by and congratulated me on my work. I told her business was going well. She looked at me in her calm, penetrating way, and said, "But how is your life-balance?" Ouch! My mind wandered back over the last few weeks of late nights in the studio, the growing mounds in my laundry room, the frozen pizza that awaited us for dinner that evening, recent conflicts with my sweetie, my absence from yoga class.... life balance? Are you kidding? The more I chase it the more it seems to elude me. This is a theme I want to explore in my life, and a thread I want to weave through my musings here in the months to come. I would love to hear about your struggles and victories in seeking life-balance - please share!

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