engage with the season

The change of seasons is such an exciting time. My favourite way to connect with the seasonal changes is to take daily walks and observe the subtle, continual flow of change through the land, sea, and vegetation. Above are some scenes from my walk a few days ago. Right now there is rain, there are moody skies, busy frogs, fallen leaves, impressive flocks of geese, crows battling over the last of the berries. There is more darkness, and home is warmer. Smell of smoke in the air. Change can always be celebrated. Here are some simple ideas for celebrating fall:

  • Buy a new journal and set down your goals for the season. Ask a friend to help keep you accountable. Be sure to have fun goals as well as dutiful ones.
  • Take a knitting class, knit a bright and cozy scarf for yourself.
  • Get out your slow cooker and make a delicious exotic vegetarian stew from this book, or try this beef stew recipe. (Thanks Kate!) The house will smell wonderful all day.
  • Get some pumpkin spice soap and body oil here. It's so yummy.
  • Host a wine-tasting party with only rich reds or dessert wines.
  • Make a simple change in your livingroom to prepare for winter - make or buy new cozy bright throw pillows, paint one wall a rich warm colour, display earthy pottery, big bowls of apples or pomegranates, a vase filled with seasonal branches.
  • if the blues creep up on you on a dreary day, spend the afternoon at a spa or aquatic centre where you can bask in warm water and have a sauna. I do this often in fall and winter and it is so healing.
  • book an appointment with an acupuncturist or ayurvedic practitioner who can help balance your energies to align with the season.
  • post a comment here with your favourite special fall celebration!


Kate said...

What a great list. Thanks for sharing it...

Bronwyn said...

I love lists!!!!!!!!


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