colour safari #1

I got this idea from Sonora Beam's blog -- and since I've been wandering every day with my camera anyway, I was eager to give it a try. I chose this bold colour combination because I love it, but also as a challenge. My rural environment is dominated by green and grey, and depending on the season, blue. I think living in the gorgeous subtlety of west coast colour has refined my colour sense and attuned my vision to the delicate seasonal shifts and underlying, unexpected hues. A grey ocean is often actually, if you really look, deep warm violet or sage green. Beige grass heads on second glance turn out to be a rich purple, and the distant mountains provide an ever shifting spectrum from delicate pink to deep prussian blue. Red and gold, together, it turns out, is really rare combination in the natural environment around here, so I turned to many domestic and manmade objects. Shown above are: a tea tin in my studio, a wild rose, a rusted metal sign on the beach, a tail light, a crab shell, a bottle of rum, and fruit stickers. I challenge you to go on a colour safari and see your environment through new eyes today!

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