So here it is, my very first Artful Life post!! It's a gorgeous gentle May day, the sun is shining, the air has a rare softness, and the peonies are blooming (that's one of my peonies in the banner...) When I step outside I hear the peacocks and smell fresh grass and faint sweet ocean. These are magic days, days of blooming and opening. I have spent a long time in darkness, and a long time healing, and now I am emerging in new ways, and here is this beautiful world to welcome me. Beginning this blog is part of my new opening to the world. I am excited to be part of things and share my creativity and my self. My intention is to create a space here which is beautiful, a refreshment for eyes and heart, a place full of resources and inspiration for the visitor, and a place for me to be myself. I am thoroughly devoted to the empowerment of women through authentic creativity; dance, visual art, homecreating, spiritual practice... any joyful venture which can give voice to self. I am passionate and excited about the grassroots movement of women entrepreneurs, often creatives, who are changing the whole model of business, gently but powerfully, from the inside out. So many of us feel strongly about recreating our lives without all the old compartments (Work/Family/Play etc. each in it's own box..ugh!) and we are creating magical lives which blend home&work&play&relationship&selfcare&art.... I want to reach out to other women who are playing with this potent life blend - I want to hear your voices, and share my own journey, discoveries, insights, and questions. SO here we go............

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